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We are a multiple award winning gallery in Sydney’s Inner West that specialises in contemporary Indigenous art for modern interiors.

With artworks ranging from small affordable works to large investment pieces, our three light-filled floors showcase major exhibitions of indigenous masters, established artists and exciting new talent.

‘Tingari’ by Thomas Tjapaltjarri (H-183 x W-303cm)

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'Woman's Dancing' by Khatija Possum (87 x 181 cm)

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Helen McCarthy Tyalmuty - Multiple Award Winning Artist

Already winner of the Peoples Choice Award at the 2007 Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Award, in 2017 Helen was honoured to receive the Inaugural Margaret Olly Award at the Mosman Art Prize. Later in the year Helen was also a finalist at the Paddington Art Prize and the George's River Art Prize, winning the The Highly Commended Award at the former.

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'Murrawuk' by Helen McCarthy (152 x 180cm)

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Charmaine Pwerle - New Tradition  14 July - 12 August

Charmaine Pwerle, daughter of Barbara Weir and granddaughter of Minnie Pwerle, hails from one of Aboriginal art’s great painting dynasties.  It is tempting to look at Charmaine's artworks in light of her famous relatives, however her art demands attention in its own right.  It makes its own statements.  Charmaine’s subject matter draws on stories passed down for generations, but approaches it in a wholly different fashion than her grandmother to whom she is so often compared.  This latest body of work is truly traditional but also stands up against the best of contemporary art.  Charmaine is defining a new tradition for Aboriginal art.  Join us at Kate Owen Gallery for this memorable show.

The Three Brothers - Warlimpirrnga, Walala & Thomas Tjapaltjarri  9 June  – 1 July

Members of the lost tribe, Warlimpirrnga, Walala and Thomas Tjapaltjarri stunned the world when walking out of the desert in 1984.  Within 3 years Warlimpirrnga’s art featured in an exhibition in Melbourne.  This exhibition features contemporary works by the three brothers.

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