FOR THE IMPATIENT:  No more waiting to save up for the painting you love!  You can have it in your home right away and pay for it on terms that suit you.  This week we have introduced our new Buy Now Pay Later scheme for buying Aboriginal Art.  You can purchase a p... [More]

Kate Owen Gallery and Australian Aboriginal Art Centre - NEW BLOG!

Welcome to our new blog - at the moment, it's looking pretty empty.  But watch this space for plenty of information about our Aboriginal Art and Artists. If you would like to see previous blog posts, complete with many Aboriginal Artists and their beautiful works, you can click on 'O... [More]

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KO LogoThe Kate Owen Gallery specialises in quality, contemporary Australian Aboriginal artworks, individually selected to bring that 'wow factor' to modern interiors.  Most of our visitors are amazed to see the wide range of different expression adopted by our indigenous artists.  Many who previously had no interest in Aboriginal Art, have their 'eyes opened' to it for the first time, by the sheer beauty and diversity around them.

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