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Aboriginal Art Sale - Last day Sunday 21st

Calendar November 20, 2010 23:19 by author Kate Owen

We have seriously discounted works on sale tomorrow.... including many paintings my Kudditji Kngwarreye.  If you've seen the gallery lately you will know why... the stockrooms are already bulging with great art and there are heaps more arriving every day to see us through the holiday period.  Many of the existing paintings are consigned with us, so to make room, we either sell them at a reduced price or send them back.  We'd much rather pass the savings to you.
The sale ends tomorrow though, at 6pm.  After that, the works we keep will return to their normal price.
If you can't get in to the gallery, you can search our website - either browse by price (a great way to get an overview of the range we hold) or browse by artist.  Click on the thumbnails once to get info and a bigger image, twice to get a zoom image of the painting.  If you like something (and you like the sale price) just take down the full alpha numeric code and the artist's name.  We are taking phone and email sales, so it's easy. 
And if the piece you like hasn't been reduced in price, ask us:  there are some works we have missed by accident and it could be one of those.
We look forward to hearing from you between 11 and 6 tomorrow.... Kate

Welcoming Warlukurlangu

Calendar November 17, 2010 00:59 by author Kate Owen

I had a great trip to the Warlukurlangu Aboriginal Community Art Centre at Yuendumu this week to gather some superb new artworks for the gallery.  Along the 300km drive, north west of Alice Springs, the country was completely different from its usual red and brown self - a wonderful combination of greens almost completely obscured the red earth (it was almost like the Melbourne botanical gardens out there!).  And the wildflowers, with all the repeated rains, are blooming profusely in seas of yellow, white and lilac.   Cecila Alphonso, highly dedicated Manager of the Warlukurlangu, kindly put me up at her house and I got to feel part of the busy buzz that drives this centre along.  Artists came, stopped for chats, discussed and worked on artworks and wandered off to follow other pursuits while the centre staff and volunteers contributed to make the place a hive of activity.
Also met many of the artists who work at the centre:  Highlights were the serene Ormay Nangala Gallagher who will be a new artist for our gallery, and Liddy Walker Napanangka who was busily astride a huge canvas for most of my visit.  I'm happy to say that this canvas plus many more of the brightly coloured works from this centre will be arriving in the gallery soon.... so watch this space!

Ormay Nangala Gallagher in front of her latest inspired work....

Liddy Walker Napanangka nearing completion of a masterful painting.... soon to be available in our gallery!  Just look at the texture!

How to Buy artworks on SALE.

Calendar November 4, 2010 17:10 by author Kate Owen

The easiest way to select and buy our paintings is to either search by price, or browse by artist if you know who you are looking for - you will see the links on our home page.  Once you select these, you will see several pages of artwork thumbnails which expand when you click on them.  If the size and price suit you, simply click on 'request more info'and you will be able to contact us.  This is better than using the 'purchase' link because the discount cannot be applied that way.

As long as you have signed up to join our mailing list, you can start purchasing tomorrow (Friday 5th) although not all sale prices will be uploaded by then.  We request a 20% non refundable deposit if you purchase on line or by credit card over the phone, and the balance can be paid any time during the next three business days or by special arrangement.  Please note that lay bys and interest free terms will not apply to sale purchases.  Returns will not be possible, so please choose carefully.  However, we may exchange sale works for the same amount or more.  If you return a sale work after the sale, the exchange will apply to the then price of the new work, as we expect all works to return to their pre sale prices once the sale is over.

It has been a great day repricing our paintings:  I hope you will be able to take advantage of the opportunity.

Call us if you have any queries,

regards,  Kate

Preparations for our huge Aboriginal Art Sale in Sydney

Calendar November 4, 2010 09:37 by author Kate Owen

Severine, Carrie, Nick and I are a blur of action, as we get ready for our big sale starting on Saturday 6th November.  We are actually going through ALL our stock and cutting our margins to the bone to give you the best value we can. 

This SALE is for our mailing list members only, but we are always keen to have new members, so if you join our Kate Owen Gallery members list  before or during the sale, you can still be eligible for these prices.  After the sale ends on Sunday 14th of November, all prices will go back to normal - still the greatest value in town, but not the prices we will have for the next two weeks.

Just so you know, our sale does not affect payments to the artists.  In fact, it increases artists' opportunites by improving sales and consequently demand in what has been a very slow market for them. 
If any of you have been to the gallery in the past six months, you'll know that our stockrooms have been filled to the max and it is hard to even move around in there!  With superb new works winging their way to us as we speak, we just have to have this sale.  paintings have to go to make room for the new stock.

More about this new stock later.  for now, I have to get back to cutting our prices for the weekend.

Oh and by the way, we will be uploading all our sale prices at the end of today, so tomorrow you can view them on line.  Maybe you have already been eyeing off one of the pieces in the gallery lately - If you are a mailing list member, just call us to purchase or put it on hold for Saturday OR you can simply purchase any work at its sale price if you call 02 9555 5283 or email to put the work on hold.  We will then call you to arrange things.   Sale prices are listed separately from the normal price so you can see how much you will be saving.

We've never had a sale as comprehensive as this before - or with such good prices - some are actually below cost!  It's going to be fun!

Any questions, please call or email us and we'll get back to you pronto.  And DONT FORGET TO  TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!


Aboriginal Art Sale

Calendar November 4, 2010 09:25 by author Kate Owen

Invitation to huge aboriginal art sale of hundreds of reduced artworks at kate owen gallery november 2010

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