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Sometimes it's SO embarrassing to be an Australian!

Calendar February 15, 2011 15:46 by author Kate Owen

Our government allows us to invest in art as long as we don't look at it!  And we voted for these people.

Pretty weird huh?

Do Julia Gillard & Co think that art is unAustralian?  Do they think paintings wear out under an appreciative gaze?  Or more likely, perhaps they don't think at all - even about how Australia is laughed at for such nonsense!  We are Hicks!  We are Rednecks!

More evolved Australians investing their superannuation funds quite sensibly in quality art, will soon have to either rent the evil artifact to someone or pay for its professional storage.  How does this make it a better investment?
The art rental market is on its knees, and paying for fine art storage is an unnecessary cost which undermines the investment value.  But even if investors promise to avert their gaze when passing their artworks in the hall, or to sit in chairs with their backs to the painting, it is STILL - NOT - OK!  It is also apparently not OK to safely and sensibly store the artworks in their alarmed, insured and secure spare room. 

No.  Investors must pay to store their art somewhere else - after all, they might succumb.  They might creep into the spare room in the dead of night,  peel back the bubble wrap and guiltily indulge in forbidden visual pleasures.  And where would we all be then?

The government must protect us from the pleasures of fine art at all costs, even if it does mean breaking a still warm election promise! 

And even if it does put yet another bullet in the heart of Australia's once fine art industry!



Large Collaborative Aboriginal Painting 3m x 2m (10' x 6'6")

Calendar February 15, 2011 15:08 by author Kate Owen

One of the many wonderful things about the Australian Aboriginal culture, is the way in which people help, share, and generally collaborate with each other in all sorts of ways.  We like collaborative paintings because of the fact that the artists obviously enjoy working together in this way, and because the resultant piece of art is a fascinating mix of style and story.  This painting, done by women artists from Watarru, is a case in point.  The style of each of the artists, known in her own right, blends with that of the others to produce a rich tapestry of an artwork, and one that is completely unique.

This piece, priced at only $25,000 would look amazing in a corporate or public space, or if you have the walls to take a 3m x 2metre artwork, have it in your own house.

The artwork will come with a suite of photographs (only a few are shown here) which show the development of the artwork from start to finish.

If you would like a high res image of this work, just email us at with the reference: BFAG0003





Get yourself a Shorty - free ..... take two

Calendar February 10, 2011 08:53 by author Kate Owen

Oops, sorry the price of the little 30 x 30s is only $490 not typo $530! and one little painting is still free tonight at the opening of Shorty Jangala Robertson's solo show at 6pm, 680 Darling Street, Rozelle, Sydney.  You have a 1 in ten chance.  And to make the evening even more pleasurable, and just because we can, we are also running a show of the Stars of Warlukurlangu - a selection of the Warlukurlangu Aboriginal Community Art Centre's most exciting artists.  This will be in the second floor black gallery.   Charlie McMahon is all fired up to play digeridoo and we're looking forward to an enjoyable evening.  Web sales are now open, but there's no substitute for seeing artworks in the flesh - these shows are so uplifting when seen all together.  See you there?

Get yourself a Shorty - free!

Calendar February 8, 2011 16:20 by author Kate Owen

Start your Aboriginal Art collection with a painting by Shorty - and it could well be free!  New collectors will be encouraged to find that our Shorty Jangala Robertson exhibition opening this Thursday at 6pm will include 9 cameo pieces 30 x 30cms at just $530 each (professionally stretched and ready to hang on your wall).  What is more, one of these little gems will be free on the opening night: When its buyer comes to pay for it, there will be no charge at all.  The highly individual Warlukurlangu artist Shorty has an artistic voice like no other, and his representations of the desert flood waters are unique - he's a great artist to have in any collection.



Digeridoo and Cello - playing at Kate Owen Gallery!

Calendar February 8, 2011 15:14 by author Kate Owen

Be blown away by the digeridoo & cello duet at our Shorty Jangala Robertson exhibition opening, Thursday 10th Feb at 6 - 8pm, 680 Darling St. Rozelle, Sydney. It's only 7 mins from the CBD.

Cello and digeridoo were born for each other!  The famous Charlie McMahon will play his digeridoo, (as well as his own invention, the digeriBONE) in concert with Anatoli Torjnski's cello.  Anatoli is a member of the triple ARIA Award winning group, Monsieur Camembert.  If you have heard these two guys play before, you will know you are in for a special treat.  All that, combined with the opportunity to GET YOURSELF A SHORTY!  It's opening night for our solo exhibition of Shorty Jangala Robertson - and we have a superb range of works, including many quite delicious and affordable smaller works.  And no aboriginal art collection is complete without at least one Shorty!  Look forward to seeing you there....

Exhibition of works by Shorty Jangala Robertson

Calendar February 3, 2011 19:51 by author Kate Owen








Staff Pick of the Week - by Jacqui

Calendar February 2, 2011 16:26 by author Mathieson

I really love Wilkankarra by Mitjili Napanangka Gibson. She uses layers of beautiful bright dots to create an aerial perspective of her ancient homelands. The asymmetrical design is slightly quirky, and I never get tired of looking at it!

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