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Artfully Useful

Calendar May 14, 2011 10:29 by author Mathieson

Having difficulty choosing a gift for someone and can’t quite afford to offer him/her a painting?  Don’t worry!  At Kate Owen Gallery we not only stock (a lot of) art.  We also have a wide range of merchandise and books available:

Wine & water bottle coolers, stubby coolers, greeting card packs, mouse pads and diaries with aboriginal prints from our favorite artists

McCulloch’s Contemporary Aboriginal Art Guide, the complete guide – this book is a must for beginners and the ones wishing to get a comprehensive overview of aboriginal art across Australia
New Beginnings, classic Paintings from the Corrigan Collection of 21st Century Aboriginal Art by Emily McCulloch Childs and Ross Gibson – features the works of an amazing private collection
Utopia: the Genius of Emily Kame Kngwarreye edited by Margo Neale – an incredible publication about the career of one of the most talented and famous female aboriginal artists

..and more

 You’re sure to find something!

Staff Pick of the Week - by Mathieson

Calendar May 13, 2011 10:36 by author Mathieson

This one's been a long time coming... this amazing Watarru Community Collaborative is one of the few works that regularly gets pulled out for visitors to the gallery and when it does it often gets left out as everyone who walks by is drawn to it.  The work uses the unique combination of a typical white man's geographical expression of a landscape and an aboriginal perspective in which we delve into legendary images and stories.

To understand the iconography used in this work please click here.

This collaborative artwork includes the following female artists:

Katrina Pollard Nampitjinpa - granddaughter of Telstra winner, Ngoia Pollard

Bronwyn Jimmy - daughter of Wipana Jimmy

Tinpulya Mervin - community leader and artistic leader for this work

Wipana Jimmy - community leader, key driver of the establishment of Watarru community in the mid 1980s and cousin of Jimmy Baker

Anne Dixon Nangala - daughter of Wipana Jimmy

Imitjana Pollard - daughter of Ngoia Pollard

Watarru Community Collaborative   Jimmy's Country   200 x 248 cm   $19,775 - WCCG0002

Interior Design with Tim Leveson Interiors (TLI)

Calendar May 6, 2011 17:37 by author Carrie

“Recently Kate Owen Gallery teamed up with Tim Leveson Interiors (TLI) for a Real Living Magazine photo shoot for their October issue.

Tim Leveson Interiors is a boutique Sydney-based business with a small team of designers and stylists dedicated to their mission statement 'Make Space Work'.

In preparation for the shoot, we selected eight works which we thought might be suitable. On the morning of the shoot we pulled up to the beautifully renovated Federation home of Tim and his partner, Libby Knott with a van full of stunning paintings that were then transported around various rooms to find the perfect fit.

Eventually we all settled on an amazing Walangkura Napanangka that became the centre piece for the master bedroom. The resulting images were fantastic and everyone was thrilled with the result.”

Staff Pick of the Week - by Surrey

Calendar May 1, 2011 13:48 by author Severine

Polly Ngale, Bush Plum, acrylic on canvas, 149 x 149 cm - $8,800 [PNG013]

WOW!!! Came into the gallery today and fell in love with Polly's fabulous Bush Plum. The eyes travel around the painting following the soft undulations of mint, aqua and sky blue that give so much depth & movement. A big, beautiful statemeent on any wall. I want to take it home!!



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KO LogoThe Kate Owen Gallery specialises in quality, contemporary Australian Aboriginal artworks, individually selected to bring that 'wow factor' to modern interiors.  Most of our visitors are amazed to see the wide range of different expression adopted by our indigenous artists.  Many who previously had no interest in Aboriginal Art, have their 'eyes opened' to it for the first time, by the sheer beauty and diversity around them.

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