October Artist in Residence: Sarrita King

Image © Saville Coble Fresh from her recent travels to central Australia, Sarrita King joins Kate Owen Gallery as our resident artist in October Expect to see some exciting new styles as Sarrita draws upon the inspiration gained from her reconnection with her desert roots and her fellow artists.   Image © Saville Coble Sarrita will be in the gallery 8 October - 23 October 12 - 6 mondays, thursdays & fridays  10 - 6 weekends

Sarrita King - Our Inaugural Artist In Residence

Back in 2009, Kate Owen Gallery was proud to present the 3 Kings exhibition, where Sarrita and Tarisse paid homage to their father, the highly respected artist and elder, William King Jungala (1966 – 2007). Back then, the girls wove their own styles with that of their father and produced fascinating interplays of colour, design, heritage and spirit.  While still at the early stages of their careers, we could tell that the girls were set to become big names in the Aboriginal Art world. Flash forward five years, and the King Sisters have cemented themselves as the exciting next generation of Aboriginal artists. Still honouring their father’s stories, the sisters have matured and developed their own unique style which has seen them displayed in galleries throughout Australia and around the world. Their works are vibrant, striking and contemporary. Sarrita King became a household name after one of her ‘Earth Cycles’ paintings featured on The Block All Stars (2013) and truly set the space off. Since then it has been a whirlwind for Sarrita, as she continues to grow in popularity both in Australia and overseas, particularly in Europe. We are thrilled Sarrita has accepted our invitation to be our inaugural artist in residence. Sarrita’s philosophy in life and art is that it is all about sharing; storytelling through art, bringing the viewer in to her culture and creating a connection. Visitors to the gallery during our artist in residency program are in for a treat!  Watch this space as we will post some photos and interviews with Sarrita in the gallery shortly! Meet Sarrita at the Gallery in September Saturday 13th + Sunday 14th Saturday 20th + Sunday 21st 11am – 1pm + 3pm-5pm no bookings necessary!   

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Vast Interiors

a fusion of contemporary interior design and aboriginal art 21 February - 9 March 2014    Do you look at shots like these and wonder how can I get that look in my place? We've noticed a lot of our clients have specific interior needs, so we have fused the art of interior design and Aboriginal art in this exciting exhibition! Four renowned interior designers will transform Kate Owen Gallery and we will have a fine dining, living, bedroom & staircase installation showcasing some fantastic design pieces and, of course, some sensational Aboriginal art! Visit the gallery to chat with the designers and our art consultants about your specific interior needs & book a free consultation for your home or office. We will have an opening expo this Saturday with drinks & canapes so come by with a group of friends and be inspired! opening expoSaturday 22 February 11 - 4 click here to find out more about this exhibition  


part of our exciting 'new wave of art' New works from the Kimberleys arrived this week & I must say, the KOG Crew acted like children on Christmas day as we unwrapped and discovered come cracking pieces! I was captivated by these works a while back, it’s hard not to! Some works have thick layers of traditional pigments – Classic Kimberleys. While others have traces of everyday life in the bush; dust, pieces of earth and heavens knows what – Classic Aboriginal Art. They come from a gallerist’s private collection in Melbourne and as soon as I saw them I knew they would be perfect for the gallery. Despite all this earthiness that comes with art from the Kimberleys, there is a restraint and sophistication that makes the works perfect for modern interiors. We are hoping to have a selection on display for the grand opening of Vast Interiors next week, but in the meantime feast your eyes on this scrumptious piece by Berline Mung: Berline Mung 'Horse Creek (Texas Downs)' 80 x 120cm

A New Wave of Art

Anna Petyarre 'Yam Root - APPYU1363' This exciting new work is the perfect piece to kick off the ‘new wave of art’ about to be displayed in our gallery. Not only are we about to introduce some phenomenal new artists we know you are going to LOVE, we are also going to explore genres, artists and communities that may have been overlooked in recent years. Behind the scenes, we have been working closely with artists and community art centres; giving feedback on what our clients are loving, which has resulted in experimentation, reflection and reinvigoration for many of the artists. As Anna’s work reveals, the results are spectacular & we can’t wait to share them with you! To stay in touch with the latest news make sure you sign up up to our newsletter and don’t forget to keep checking our new artworks page  for all the new artworks arriving shortly!  

Gallery News

Just last week Geoff made the trip down to Melbourne to source some exceptional new works & we are happy to announce: The return of the King Sisters! Since our ‘3 Kings’ Exhibition in 2009, Tarisse & Sarrita King’s works have been displayed in galleries throughout Australia and around the world. Sarrita’s  well known ‘Lightning Dreaming’ artworks are inspired by the heavy rains of the wet season, which replenish the land and are vital to the survival of the Northern Territory Gurindji community.  Her brushstrokes are short and precise, evoking the power and energy of lightning bolts.   Her equally talented sister Tarisse, more closely paints imagery passed down from her father, connecting her to her family and culture.   In addition to inheriting her father’s dreamings, Tarisse has her own unique and energetic style, which reflects her ongoing exploration of her Aboriginal culture and its place in her world.  Her ability for creative design is exemplary. New works will be arriving shortly so make sure you watch our new artworks page! New Works from the Kimberleys! A real treat for lovers of the Kimberleys and artworks painted in natural ochres. We will be receiving a significant body of Kimberley ochres in the coming weeks – watch this space! More details to be revealed shortly.  

Our Clients are Loving:

Selma Coulthard   Selma Coulthard 'Lerra Pinta (Finke River)-SCOG0071' 76 x 106cm As soon as we receive new works by this brilliant artist they are gone within a matter of days! In some instances we don’t even have the time to hang them on our gallery walls! Selma has spent years representing herself prior to approaching Kate Owen Gallery to represent her in 2013. In that time, Selma has continued to develop her own distinctive style and she has rapidly progressed to be one of our most highly regarded and sought after artists. We are thrilled with Selma’s latest body of work and her new, well-deserved status as one of our ‘most-popular’ artists. Her new body of work should arrive in the gallery in a matter of weeks & we will notify all our KO Gallery Club members as soon as they arrive. If you’re not a KO Gallery Club Member & would like to stay informed on the latest news, sign up here. To read more about Selma, click here.

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KO LogoThe Kate Owen Gallery specialises in quality, contemporary Australian Aboriginal artworks, individually selected to bring that 'wow factor' to modern interiors.  Most of our visitors are amazed to see the wide range of different expression adopted by our indigenous artists.  Many who previously had no interest in Aboriginal Art, have their 'eyes opened' to it for the first time, by the sheer beauty and diversity around them.

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