Aboriginal Art Sale - Last day Sunday 21st

We have seriously discounted works on sale tomorrow.... including many paintings my Kudditji Kngwarreye.  If you've seen the gallery lately you will know why... the stockrooms are already bulging with great art and there are heaps more arriving every day to see us through the holiday period.  Many of the existing paintings are consigned with us, so to make room, we either sell them at a reduced price or send them back.  We'd much rather pass the savings to you.
The sale ends tomorrow though, at 6pm.  After that, the works we keep will return to their normal price.
If you can't get in to the gallery, you can search our website - either browse by price (a great way to get an overview of the range we hold) or browse by artist.  Click on the thumbnails once to get info and a bigger image, twice to get a zoom image of the painting.  If you like something (and you like the sale price) just take down the full alpha numeric code and the artist's name.  We are taking phone and email sales, so it's easy. 
And if the piece you like hasn't been reduced in price, ask us:  there are some works we have missed by accident and it could be one of those.
We look forward to hearing from you between 11 and 6 tomorrow.... Kate

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