Australia Day vs Invasion Day

Understandably called 'Invasion Day' by many of our indigenous people, today is not celebrated by all Australians.  We have come a long way from the crimes and divisions of the past - and we intend to go a lot further.  We are a multicultural nation, striving to be all that a multicultural nation can be - despite the beat ups of the press and the trip ups along the way (who doesn't have those?).  Today, many of us celebrate not only our beautiful, vibrant, inclusive and still emerging nation, but also our growing understanding of the immense treasure that is our (now) shared COUNTRY, and even more still (and MOST OF ALL for me) the immeasurable living treasure that is the ancient Aboriginal culture and the Aboriginal people.  Let's help make Australia Day 'Healing Day' and 'Learning Day' and yes, 'Sorry Day' too.  And to Indigenous Australia I salute you and I thank you from my heart for the great honour of getting to know you.  Love and Respect!

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