What’s In The Stockroom? Waitya


Mitjili Napurrula

Acrylic on linen

120 x 180 cm


Mitjili Napurrula is a Pintupi woman from the Haasts Bluff region 200km west of Alice Springs. She is the half sister of Turkey Tjupurrula Tolson. Her dreamings come from her father and relate to the important 'men's business' of spear making. What I find striking about Mitjili's work is her distinctive patterns that represent the women's contribution to this process in providing wood for the spears from trees - Watiya. Mitjili's canvas' are characterised by a strong sense of spacing and layering that has earned her acclaim both in Australia and internationally. I am drawn to this work in particular as it displays a light and subtle colour palette and is unique in being painted on an all white background.' Waitya' also displays Mitjil's signature style of dotting that push and overlap to give the impression of a solid colour field.

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