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Just last week Geoff made the trip down to Melbourne to source some exceptional new works & we are happy to announce:

The return of the King Sisters!

Since our ‘3 Kings’ Exhibition in 2009, Tarisse & Sarrita King’s works have been displayed in galleries throughout Australia and around the world.

Sarrita’s  well known ‘Lightning Dreaming’ artworks are inspired by the heavy rains of the wet season, which replenish the land and are vital to the survival of the Northern Territory Gurindji community.  Her brushstrokes are short and precise, evoking the power and energy of lightning bolts.  

Her equally talented sister Tarisse, more closely paints imagery passed down from her father, connecting her to her family and culture.   In addition to inheriting her father’s dreamings, Tarisse has her own unique and energetic style, which reflects her ongoing exploration of her Aboriginal culture and its place in her world.  Her ability for creative design is exemplary.

New works will be arriving shortly so make sure you watch our new artworks page!

New Works from the Kimberleys!

A real treat for lovers of the Kimberleys and artworks painted in natural ochres.

We will be receiving a significant body of Kimberley ochres in the coming weeks – watch this space! More details to be revealed shortly.


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