Lindsay Bird

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DOB: C.1935

Lindsay Bird worked as a shepherd and a stockman. When in the late 1970s, the Utopia women were introduced to batik painting, Lindsay Bird was one of a few men to work in this medium as well. In 1987, he began painting with acrylic on canvas. As a senior Law man, he can depict many themes of men's law in his paintings. His paintings, often large, are imposing with their boldness of colour selection and harmonious design. His paintings include the stories of Perentie Lizard, Snake, Mulga Seed and Honey Ant.

Lindsay lives in a small extended family group with his wife Mavis, and three daughters, Kavean, Jessica and Rosy Ngale. Their lifestyle is still very much traditional, maintaining strong links with their land values and ceremony. Lindsay is recognized in his community, as one of the leaders in the Art movement from Utopia. Lindsay is represented in many private and Museum collections both in Australia, overseas and in Books such as 'A Picture Story-Robert Holmes a Court collection' and 'The Art of Utopia' by Michael Boulter. Lindsay is a very important Aboriginal leader in the Utopia district. He lives at Mulga Bore Station. Lindsay Bird Mpetyane is the cousin to Greeny Petyarre and brother in law to Ada Bird. Lindsay's dreamings include 'Charpa' (honey ant), 'Bush Plum", 'Men's Ceremony", "Yam Dreaming" and 'Snake Dreaming". One of the themes to Lindsay's painting is his reference to sacred ceremonial sites where "men's' business" is conducted. Lindsay most often depicts these sites in a circular style surrounded by hunting weapons which are the spirits keeping the area safe. These paintings are simple in their design but very strong in their meaning reflecting Lindsay's respect for the ceremonies conducted at these sites. Lindsay has been associated with Mbantua since 1985 and produced his first painting for us in 1987. Lindsay painting of a Snake Dreaming and is still held in the Mbantua collection. Lindsay paintings are keenly sought by collectors and galleries throughout the world. Lindsay dreamings include Prickle, Mulga Tree, Bloodwood trees, Bush Plum, Honey Ant and Woomera. Exhibitions include:- Solo Exhibition Utopia Art Sydney 1991, Art from Utopia - St Louis USA, New Year/New Art Sydney 1989, Tandanya, South Australia, The Royal Hiberian Academy, Dublin, Ireland, Contemporary Aboriginal Art touring Australia and USA.