Topsy Petersen Napangardi

Topsy Petersen Napangardi

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DOB: 1954

Topsy Peterson Napangardi, an influential artist from Papunya, grew up with her sisters Denise Reid and Lily Kelly Napangardi. When Topsy was young her mother, Easia Naparulla shared family stories with her such as the Spring Flowers Dreaming, and it was only following her mother's death in 1983 that Lilly Kelly Napangardi taught Topsy of more dreamings that had been passed down to her, including the Sand Hills (Tali) Dreaming that Topsy continues to depict in her paintings. The sand hills are a feature of her traditional lands at Nyrripi.

In 1968 Topsy met Leo in Papunya and they were married. They have two daughters, Carroll and Christine Nungala Peterson, and a son Neil, and Topsy continues to share her family stories with them so as to preserve their culture and heritage.

Topsy's work is gaining a strong following with collectors, due to the beauty, poetry and intense palatte of her linear style paintings.

Topsy's paintings depict the sandhills (Tali) of her country near Nyirripi. It is the story
that was passed onto her by her father. Topsy's painting are constructed using small
dots in a series of colours. Each colour is carefully selected and applied to ensure
balance and continuity.

Topsy says 'I paint my father's country west of Yuendumu. He was a Yuendumu man,
a Warlpiri man. Sandhills and scrub country, same as Lily, same Dreaming. The
Dreaming stays the same [but its] the colours, I always like to use.'

2006 Australian Aboriginal Art, John Gordon Gallery, Sydney.
2007 Topsey Peterson Napangardi - solo exhibition, John Gordon Gallery, Sydney.
2008 Aboriginal Artists from the Central & Western Desert, Without Pier Gallery,
2008 New Works, Art Equity, Sydney.